In 2024, we are trying to pray for 5 people, 7 days a week, for 5 minutes (1 minute each). The goal is nothing short of transforming Clovis, New Mexico, and beyond. You are encouraged to pick one person for whom you'll be praying for salvation, whereas the other 4 can be chosen for different reasons. Ideally, these would be people you work with, encounter in your daily/weekly routines, city leaders, teachers, first responders, state government, etc . . . The assumption is that you're already praying for your family :-) If you don't have a sticker, grab one or two. We'll keep ordering them. Feel free to share this initiative (and the stickers) with others. We'd love to see these all over Clovis!

575 Prayer Initiative explained

This brief video outlines the basics of the 575 Prayer Initiative. 

For a longer explanation, here's a link to the sermon from December 31, where this was introduced.